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Reel SPN

Taking the big boys to the big screen

Reel Supernatural
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Ever wanted to see Jensen teach Jared how to behave like a real lady? If Michael Rosenbaum was a drummer, would he explode? Ever wanted to see Dean Winchester misquote Ezekiel 25:17 then blow somebody's head off?

Now's your chance! Whether your preference is fanfic or art, Supernatural or CWRPS, we're giving you the chance to make the final cut. First check out our FAQ and then choose a prompt from our list here. It's as simple as that and you're ready to roll!

Because sometimes there IS a spoon, and Dean could totally eat more eggs than Paul Newman

Because Jared makes a better toon than Roger Rabbit and Jensen makes a better hooker than River Phoenix

...And because we're all mentally casting them in everything anyway!

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