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Reel SPN

[sticky] roundup post!

Reel Supernatural


[sticky] roundup post!

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The comm is now closed. Any members wanting to edit their post(s) should contact one of the mods via a comment on the FAQ post.

YOU GUYS. This has been an awesome first round, and I want to thank everyone who took part. We have a grand total of 41 entries (including fic and art) posted within the deadline of 22 August, and people are still continuing to post. Remember, if you're not quite done you can still post to the comm until midnight on 31 August (wherever you are).

On 1 September, the comm will be closed and posting disabled. One of the mods will hold a poll in their personal journal to gauge interest for that second round (this account is unpaid, and polls cannot be posted here), and there'll be a link to that post from this comm when the poll goes up. If we do go for a second round, it will probably start sometime in December, so that folks taking part in NaNoWriMo aren't tearing their hair out trying to do both. :)

And now, on to the list of entries! Congratulations to everyone who made the deadline; we hope you've all enjoyed yourselves.

Comments are disabled on this post, to keep it tidy. If you have a question about anything I've said above, please post a comment in the FAQ post. Thanks!

A Fish Called Wanda: A Fish Called Dean by spacemonkey_699

Almost Famous: "It's All Happening" – Tour Of '73 by jezzabe

Bedazzled: Bedazzled Supernatural Style by jenns_muses (fic and art)

Bladerunner: Like Tears In Rain by ysgrifen_ysbail (fic and art)

But I'm A Cheerleader: A Story To Tell The Grandkids by cherryscott

Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid: Most Of What Follows Is True by theladyscribe

Catch Me If You Can: Market Value In The Free Economy by subterrain

City of Angels: That Second Chance by melliathwen

Dawn Of The Dead: Dawn Of The Dead ... Reloaded by blackdahlia63 (fic and art)

Dead Poets' Society: Run On For A Long Time by tigriswolf

Detroit Rock City: Detroit Rock City (Or How Four Idiots Ended Up Front Row) by giftedstudent

Empire Records: Damn The Man by lostt1

The Fast And The Furious: Fast And Furious by alchemise (art)

Fight Club: I Am Jack's Contusio Cerebri by jenniebellie

Ghost: White Ladder by albeitslowly (fic and art)

Good Will Hunting: The Empty Man by legoline

Indiana Jones: Hidden Treasures by astri13

James Bond Series: Dr Gay by gottalovev (fic and art)

Jawbreaker: Jawbreaker by not_refined

The Land Before Time: The Land Of The Screaming Ghosts by killerweasel

Latter Days: Later Days by redfirecracker

The Lost Boys: The CW's Lost Boys by mkitty3 (art)

Love Actually: Drawing Constellations by mijmeraar (also includes soundtrack and soundtrack art)

The Maltese Falcon: The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of by firstgold

Mean Girls: Cold, Hard, Shiny Plastic by steph_hime

Miss Congeniality: Real Men Do It In Drag by 1ightning

Mr and Mrs Smith: The Deadly Marriage Of Mr and Mr Padalecki by loverstar and deesebethen (fic) and mss_celestal (art)

The Mudge Boy: That Padalecki Kid by apostrophee

National Treasure: Supernatural Treasure by extraonions (art)

Ocean's 11: Shark Bait by blinddreamer

Peter Pan: Jensen And His Lost Boys by velvetjinx

Road House: Harvelle's Road House by halcyon_shift

The Rocky Horror Picture Show: Supernatural, Double Feature (The Winchester Horror Picture Show) by regala_electra and ignited (fic and art)

Rollerball: Rollerball by ladyjanelly

The Secret Garden: The Secret by winchestergirl (fic and art)

Secretary: You're The Whip In My Valise by memphis86

Some Like It Hot: However You Like It by jasmasson

Star Wars: Dean Solo & Sam Skywalker by morgaine22 (fic and art)

The Talk Of The Town: If You Can't Take The Heat by dubiously (fic and art)

True Romance: Stop Me If You've Heard This One by kellifer_fic

Xanadu: XanaDEAN by heidi8
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